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What dose of CBD should I give to my pet?

Weight Full Droppers (1 ml) CBD in mg
Under 30 lbs 0.5 ml 4.15 mg
30 – 60 lbs 1 ml 8.3 mg
Over 60 lbs 1.5 ml 12.5 mg


Is it possible for my pet to overdose on CBD?

  • CBD is perfectly safe. Fortunately, it appears to be extremely difficult, almost impossible to overdose on CBD. With that said, you should always start smaller doses, when introducing any new supplement to your pet's diet.

How long after giving CBD to my pet will I see results?

  • It really depends on why you are giving Organica to your pet. If anxiety, you may see the effect within 30-60 minutes (if the dosing is correct). If you are giving to help with joint pain, it may take a longer period of time for the body to respond. We recommend allowing 2-4 weeks for full effect. Please reach out to us so can answer further dosing and frequency questions.

 Can my pet take CBD oil with their existing medication?

  • Because every pet’s situation is unique, we’d recommend discussing CBD oil administration with your veterinarian if your pet is already taking prescription medications.

 What’s the best way to give CBD oil to my pet?

  • Organica can be given directly to your pet’s mouth (sublingual absorption, which is fastest) or placed on their food or favorite treat.

 Will my pet get "high", does your product contain THC?

  • No, Organica is 100% THC Free. Our product is made from full-spectrum hemp extract, and all THC has been removed. It provides a full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, minus the THC. Other brands of pet CBD products often contain small amounts of THC, but we believe 0% THC is the safest option for your pet. Ask any veterinarian, THC poisoning is a very real and dangerous thing. Removing all the THC adds to the cost, but leads to the safest possible product for your dog or cat.

 Can my CBD oil go bad?

  • If stored in a dark, cool environment, your CBD oil will stay fresh for up to 12 months. If you notice a change in consistency, taste, or smell, the oil may be losing its freshness.

 Is CBD legal in my country?

  • Yes, CBD is legal in UK as long it does contain no more than 0,2% THC. Organica contains 0% THC, and is legal not only in UK but also in Europe and USA.
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